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Full Tarot Reading

Full Tarot Reading

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I’m so sorry to have to say that I will not be available for readings for this next fortnight (April 29th - May 13th). I’m sure many of us are experiencing the intense energies of this current collective awakening, remember to practice the utmost self care, however that looks for you! This is happening FOR us ✨ I’ll keep you updated on my Instagram stories (Eva.W.Jones)



How does it work?

I will channel your energy and with the help of my intuition and our guides combined, 4+ cards will be pulled for you and I will be able to share my insights and guidance with you.

For now, this will be an online service only.


  • I will be available for readings 3 days per week. I will only be available energetically to do a certain number of readings each day
  • Please select ‘add to cart’ instead of ‘buy now’ as this will give you the ability to add helpful instructions to your purchase 
  • If it says 'sold out' when you try to purchase it is because I have reached my capacity. Please check my Social Media stories or come back to the website to check for newly listed availabilty
  • These readings will not be live. Once your transaction has been processed, I will complete your reading WITHIN 24 hours max. You will recieve an in depth reading that includes photos, video, and voice message.

To recieve your reading:

Once you add this service to your online cart you will have the option to add a note; in this note box I would love you to write your instagram handle or your facebook messenger name, and any particular areas of your life that you would like to recieve guidance. Any other information you feel will be helpful for me to know then please do share. 

I ask that you share you instagram or facebook meesenger name with me because I like to use the voice note feature and find it a quick and beautiful way to be able to connect back and fourth once your reading has been received. If you would prefer email, please leave your email address instead.

Final notes:

  • Thank you so much! Just for being here.
  • I will be here for you to the best of my ability but I am not a fortune teller. My intentions with these readings is to provide a sense of clarity, confirmation, and guidance. 
  • We have free will and at any point, regardless of what comes up in your reading, you have the ability to change course in your life at any moment.
  • I will be offering live/skype readings and physical readings in the not too distant future.
  • I will be offering more specific readings in the near future.  Such as, readings specific to intimate relationships, life purpose, and so forth.