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INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Organic Cacao Paste

DESCRIPTION: 1kg block of the finest quality Ceremonial Grade Cacao paste. This block contains all the antioxidants and bioactives of the whole bean making it potent, powerful, and perfect for use in ceremony.

Our Connection Cacao is the perfect accompaniment to your:

  • Early morning ritual
  • Meditation or Journaling 
  • Yoga or Dance
  • Mindful connection with your lover, friends or family 
  • Moon watching 
  • Inner work
  • Intimate ceremony at home
  • Ceremony and celebration with others

What makes our Cacao so special?
Our Connection Cacao is certified organic, shade grown, and comes from a single-origin, family run farm in Tocache, PERÚ following ancient traditions in cultivation and preparation. We call it ‘Rescue Cacao’ as it is part of a social responsibility program to empower farmers. Instead of being lured into the illegal drug trade for money, these farmers now have an opportunity to grow artisanal Cacao, and everyone who buys our Cacao is directly helping our farmer, family and community. Our supply chain means that we are in two degrees of knowing the farmers that grow our Cacao which we find really special!

For more information and links, please visit our 'Cacao FAQ' tab.

Ps. It is your intention and presence that will set the tone for your experience with Connection Cacao. We hope that this magical elixir will have you feeling: expansive, blissful, connected to yourself and/or others, connected to your intuition and creativity, connected to spirit, inspired, and grounded.